Lecturing on polar coordinates, a favorite Pro…

Lecturing on polar coordinates, a favorite Professor of mine once said, “The whole point is the pole. That’s where all the action is.”

Even then, I was astonished to find artful figures (like the above) deeply nestled at the heart of otherwise unremarkable rose curves. The action is at the pole indeed.

Remarkably, the slightest tweak in initial conditions results in new designs. To my endless delight, I am exhausted by the possibilities.

And that’s only for the given expressions. I am really overwhelmed considering the vast expanses opened by altering expressions, initial conditions, etc. 

The source contains the expressions. It’s interactive! Customize and make it your own. Do it! There are too many for me to find.

Just don’t forget to zoom in. 🙂

Mathematics is beautiful. <3

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