As a kid in math classes, I was often lost in …

As a kid in math classes, I was often lost in my calculator screen, trying to concoct ridiculous expressions for graphical entertainment. Not much has changed since then, save for being introduced to more sophisticated visualization software.

Amongst them, is incredible. Especially for those of us, like me, who lack sufficient code and computer graphics knowledge to render their own mathematics imagery.

Using desmos, over a relatively short period of time, I’ve amassed hundreds of aesthetically-pleasing images. I say this not for self-aggrandizement, but to testify to its joy and power. 

More importantly, it is a testament to the beauty and depth of mathematics. Playfully visualizing expressions makes art. [You might even catch me rambling that mathematics is (an) art, but that conversation is for another day].

Albeit my analytical sensibilities, visualization dramatically sharpens my mathematical insight. The immediacy of “seeing mathematics” is direct and intuitive. The truth is evident in the sensation; one often feels confident of a result without rigorous proof.

I originally made this blog to share these images with you. I guess that goal got misplaced somewhere between dumping my mathematics favorites and my own nervousness. Anyways, here goes!

You may recognize the bottom part of the curve from my header image (slightly edited).

Mathematics is beautiful. <3 

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